Diary entry 13
                             The discovery of my disease

I was thirteen when it happened, it is clear now. We were at the secondary
indoctrination centre, we were learning about the Œflea bitten inhuman
savages¹ that we had to remove from this land before we could found this
great nation of ours. I am not sure what it was, something in the
indoctrinators speech or manner or just the smell of the air that day but I
could taste a rage building in me with every word she spoke. In my mind I
kept getting images of these¹ savages¹ and their children being killed, and
their books and buildings being destroyed, and the few of them still alive
being whipped into submission. Somehow those savages seemed regal and wise
and of course not perfect, but human to me, and for a brief moment that was
a characteristic that I found endearing. And I just lost it. I leapt out of
my chair and screamed at the indoctrinator that what she was saying was
nonsense and that the massacre of human beings could never be justified, I
screamed that they were humanoids just like us and actually we could have
perhaps learned a thing or two from them.
At that last comment my whole class paused, frozen in indignation, I could
see a few faces grimacing as if bitten by a slight truth they felt in what I
was saying but their bodies disobeyed this bite and as the indoctrinator
rang the bell for the enforcers of ignorance to come and collect me and the
rest of the class held me pinned to a desk to await their arrival, those few
conflicted souls sat in their seats and just watched. They just watched, as
I was beaten by the enforcer¹s electro-metallic sticks and my bloody body
dragged by its feet leaving a viscous red smear on the floor. They just
They just watched as something they knew to be wrong unfolded and happened
before their very eyes. The elders tell me that all that needs to happen for
humanity to sink into barbarism is for people to just watch.


Food and medicine
Food and medicine are of course also put to their appropriate use in
Ignoratia; that is to maintain a general and accepted level of illness.
This is perfectly logical, as a healthy body equals a healthy mind and as we
have learned from our ancestors healthy minds do not easily become ignorant
and therefore cannot be controlled. It is therefore beneficial to the order
of things that a diet of wholly synthetic, processed, chemicalized food and
drink be consumed. All fresh fruit and vegetables are illegal (unfortunately
there is still a huge black-market for these products that we have not been
able to fully quash) and home growth is sacrilege. A minimum per day calorie
intake is also enforced; our dietary ideology can be summed up by the
following maxim;
A hamburger an hour
Keeps illness in power
You see illness is seen almost as a communal right of passage by the people
and as everybody they have ever met has always been at least slightly sick
it becomes self evident that sickness is as normal as breathing. All herbal
treatment (as laughable and ineffective as it obviously is) has still been
outlawed, as we of course can¹t have people experimenting with those dangers
and potentially harming themselves. It is quite simple, as man is the
pinnacle of creation the more man [and not a woman] has affected a given
thing the better that thing becomes and this is most clearly demonstrated in
medicine. The more processed, complicated and confused the treatment the
more often it should be applied. As the people are kept totally ignorant of
how their bodies actually work and are so petrified of death we can prey
upon them to the point that they will drink engine cleaner and eat rat
poison and then have the resulting disease treated with more toxic
substances as long as we tell them to.

Doublethink Diary 11


So all of what I have told you about entertainment the ban of reading etc
are some of the ways in which the perfect order and control is maintained
order here. Fear and hatred [both of which stem from ignorance anyway] are
also fully utilized, but the most effective tool for control seems to be
human selfishness and the Œego¹. In Ignorantia it is ensured that each
humanoid only cares about itself, it¹s own ideas, it¹s own career, and in
exceptional circumstances they are encouraged to extend their cares to other
members of their own caste. Egos are rewarded with praise and salaries and
jewelry and status for this lack of compassion. Upper castes are convinced
that privilege, material wealth and rank is their birthright, whilst it is
ensured that the lower castes understand that the lack of all those things
is theirs. Constantly, everday upper castes are reminded that they are
superior in every way and must feel and act accordingly and we of course
lower castes are never allowed to forget for one second that they are
inferior in every way and must also act accordingly, this way they remain
separate and can both be controlled.

What has surprised me since I arrived at Anu is that there is an almost
equal balance of humanoids from all castes here. Remember these are
individuals suffering from diseases of intelligence, reason, and love,
individuals that could not function in the mathematical perfection of
Ignorantia. This tells me that (contrary to what I had been raised to
believe) humanoids of all castes are capable of contracting the
aforementioned diseases and in equal measure humanoids in all castes seem to
find the mathematical perfection of the place where I grew up repulsive.
This has given me serious food for thought as I was genuinely convinced that
the upper castes loved their un-earned privilege and took great pleasure in
abusing and taunting and being oblivious to the pain of those they deemed
Œless¹ than themselves. It turns out some part of their ancestral memory
seems to know as Kandace tells me that we are all a piece of one collective
energy and all ideas of Œdifference¹ are just illusions. It seems many of us
are born pre-programmed to wake from that illusion no matter how much
Ignorantia attempts to re-enforce it.

Anyway in Ignoratia, of course if any body from any caste gets too far out
of line and really tries to change the social and economic order of things
they are just killed, imprisoned or at the very least labeled as insane, but
most humanoids are so weak from their diet of ignorance, ignorance and
Œfood¹ that this almost never happens.

Doublethink Diary Entry 10

Concerning Violence
The second virtue, violence is seen and praised all through out the land
where I grew up. At the centre of indoctrination all day for the first two
years we learn to kill and maim and stab lower castes and barbarians on 3d
computer simulations, blood spurting, intestines spilling, brains on the
ground and we march up the score board to the top of the class in triumph.
However the worship of violence starts even before we are born; as we are
grown in the embryo farm the sound of screams and machine guns is constantly
played while we grow, so that we are born naturally accustomed to the
beautiful operatic sound of war.
Our growing family (according to state regulations) must sit us down every
evening to watch a good wholesome round of murder and pornography or they
can be fined and even imprisoned. Also if we go to the indoctrination centre
and are not up to date with the latest killing machines and sexual positions
we will be ridiculed as Œintelligent¹ or Œwise¹ or Œworst of all
Every year the nation pauses to come out in salute for the murderer of the
year awards, where we all praise the good men of Ignorantia who have
displayed the greatest level of ignorance and killed the highest number of
savages on this planet that we own.

Doublethink Diary Entry 9

Ignorance part 2:

Concerning entertainment, public figures etc
Perhaps the greatest manifestation of the moral ignorance of our land can be
seen in the field of entertainment. I am told entertainment has always had
it¹s ignorance but again it is in our land alone that one can find the
optimum level of precision within this ignorance. You see it was once
thought that entertainment was supposed to "inspire" or encourage people to
"question" or "move" human beings in some way. That is of course complete
folly we have realized that the sole purpose of entertainment is to maintain
perfect, bewildered, inarticulate ignorance. To that end we have a few

Firstly, it is compulsory that each room in every household [especially
those of the lowest caste slum dwellers] must contain at least one
igno-screen, which will automatically switch on when a pulse enters the
room. Each humanoid including infants must consume a minimum of two hours of
igno-screen every day and be able to espouse what they have seen and heard
on the igno-screens at the various indoctrination centers they attend.
Contents of the ignoscreen must be;

1] Thoroughly un-challenging to human thought
2] Violent

3] Materialistic

4] Parts played by actors must be strictly in line with their caste positions

Music videos (which make up a major part of the content of the igno-screen)
must contain;
1] A minimum of fifteen bikini clad women
2] Ten pornographic images
3] Ten products more expensive than a years wage of all but the highest

The "songs" themselves must contain

1] No words over three syllables
2] At least five terms befitting for the female gender [hoe, bitch, slut

3]Five violent threats
4] Ten mentions of products more expensive than a years salary, of all but
the highest castes.

We have similar regulations for films, theatre and video games etc, but as
music is considered to be the most potentially subversive and is also the
most veraciously consumed of all entertainment the strictest guidelines are
reserved for music.
One element that is common to all our entertainment however is that to gain
Œ"fame" an individual must epitomize the core value of ignorance and in fact
the less talent, ability and ideas a person has, the more eligible they are
for fame. The idea is for people to aspire to fame in and of itself, the
idea of fame, the existence of fame, of being known and praised for nothing
other than ones "fame", not for things as in concrete and inconsequential as
talent or meaning

Doublethink Diary Entry 8

Ignorance: The highest of all virtue

I remember at five years old when I was enrolled in the indoctrination
centre the first day, first lesson, my teacher, bald, tall, wide shouldered,
stiff with mathematical precision as he began to speak.
The three highest virtues;


It was not the first time I heard this slogan nor my first encounter with
the three virtues but there at five years old with the igno-room full of
children and adults chanting this mantra over and over, (the required fifty
times at the start of each morning) I knew it because I felt it in my young
body, there was something wrong with me. The indoctrination continued, with
ignorance as its spearhead; we were taught to make fun of the lower castes,
we were taught that all human progress was due to the flowering genius of
the higher castes and that it was only through the higher castes that the
lowly savages managed to attain any decent level of ignorance.

We were vaguely made aware that there are other nations on the planet though we were
ensured there was nothing worth knowing about any of them, all we needed to
know was that we were bigger, better and more important than them. As travel
is forbidden we would of course never have known either way.
We were told that in the past our ancient ancestors had experimented with
the three virtues but never came close to perfecting them as we have. The
reason for this was that whilst most of our ancestors nations were founded
solidly upon the three virtues and came to exist and sustain themselves
through ritual war and internal caste systems they still stupidly and
naively fantasized about freedom and intelligence and peace and even went as
far as to have slogans and constitutions that praised these very diseases as
ideas to be upheld. We learned it was that very hypocrisy, that idle
pretending that man was capable of and should aspire to be anything but,
ignorant and violent that was always the undoing of the old systems.

The beauty and permanence in our system lies in the fact that we wholly
accept, embrace and encourage the plain truth that man is ignorant, that
that ignorance begets violence and if he is not controlled that violence
cannot be effectively harnessed and may even be misused [directed toward an
upper caste member for example]


Doublethink Diary Entry 7

Ignorantia &
The Naming process


The land where I grew up is called Ignoratia the Latin (one of our primitive
ancestors languages) for ignorance, the highest of all virtues. I was born
in 2161 which was the year of the ak47. In Ignorantia each year bears the
name of a brilliant instrument of death that our almost civilized ancestors
invented [sort of in much the same way I am told that an ancient people
called the Chinese name years after animals]. There are twelve chosen
instruments of death to reflect the cycle of violence of the earth as it
moves through the solar system, these are the dagger, the sword, the musket,
the rifle, the ak47, the grenade, the landmine, the napalm bomb, the tank,
the rpg, the missile and the summit of ancestors progress; the year of the
nuclear warhead. The numbers are just what they seem, so my having been
hatched as part of the second batch of humanoids that year I was officially
the six hundred and twenty-fourth new addition to Ignorantia in 2161 the
year of ak47.

Doublethink Diary Entry 6

The First Treatment with the Elders

Surrounded by a circle of love I sat in the middle facing the elegant,
honest face of Kandace, a face colored by a wisdom and powered by an engine
that was not here with the rest of us, yet still somehow faded in that
luminosity by time or pain or fear I could not tell which. The members of
this circle chanted slow rhythmic guttural utterances that seemed to
originate not in their voice boxes or diaphragms but to erupt from the same
source that illuminated Kandace¹s face. I remember feeling very conflicted,
on one hand I found this Œlove¹ (an idea that I had grown to view abhorrent)
quite alienating and unsettling but on the other hand I could not deny that
there was a warmth and a beauty that filled my body and made me feel whole
in a way I have never before experienced. I remember being massaged, I
remember having needles stuck in me and removed, I remember the hot stones
on my back feeling like they were sucking some reluctant snake of substance
from my body, I remember the crystal, I remember drinking a warm liquid, not
necessarily warm in its temperature but I remember it filled my body with
warmth and then I blacked out.

The elders tell me that this process will continue and each time it is done
I will regain more of my memory of the past, who I am, where I have come
from and what my purpose is until eventually myself will become strong
enough to remain fully conscious after the drink and much will be revealed
to me. They say at that point I will be ready to be given my names back and
begin reading the book that I brought with me.

Doublethink Diary Entry 5

Assignment XXL

The Elders have selected one of the DOUBLETHINK recordings, the one entitled
XXL and asked me to promote it via the underground network here at ANU in
the hope that (like many other songs recorded here) it will leak out and
affect minds in Ignorantia.

They tell me they have selected this particular recording because if one
listens very sensitively one can hear a deep philosophical thinking that
went into it¹s making, but unlike the rest of the DOUBLETHINK recordings
it¹s philosophy and message are not immediately obvious. It is this
seemingly joyous in-offensive nature that the Elders feel will allow the
recording to pass the ignorance filters undetected and serve their ultimate
purpose, which is to lull the unsuspecting listener into a false sense of
security and prepare their minds and ears for DOUBLETHINK. The Elders feel
they can the use the apparent power of the rest of the recordings to
inspire, teach and awaken.

Me I¹m not really sure either way but as I¹ve already said one does not
disagree with the Elders or the Oracle here. They have also asked me to
collaborate with another diseased being living here, Mr CULTLOVESYOU and
record some images to go with XXL that highlight the absurdity of the
current crop of ignorant music nowadays (in 2184 of course). I have no doubt
that if all the Elders promotional contacts work as they should you will be
hearing/seeing the recording and video very soonŠ this space

Doublethink Diary Entry 4

The Elders

Here at Anu nothing happens without permission of the 'elders', who are essentially what the name suggests; a council of the oldest (though that does not always mean physical age, it is judged by the age of a persons 'soul' and allegedly 'souls' do not always age at the same rate as flesh) men and women in the settlement elected by the people for their wisdom to lead. The very head of the elders is a woman (an apparent oracle/healer) called Kandace.

She has chosen me to be ‘healed’.

Why? I am not sure but I am told it involves acts that in the world I come from are serious crimes, such as meditation, fasting and the drinking of plant teas, group affection and the singing of unapproved songs. So I am a little confused and conflicted to say the least, but here at Anu you do not disagree with the ‘Oracle’. Not because of a fear you will be punished but because there is a strange energetic magnetism that however irrational pulls you toward what she says.

I am told that throughout the course of my healing I will begin to regain my memory of who I am, where I have been [both physically and ancestrally] and what my ‘purpose’ is.

I will keep you informed of what happens.