Doublethink Diary Entry 5

Assignment XXL

The Elders have selected one of the DOUBLETHINK recordings, the one entitled
XXL and asked me to promote it via the underground network here at ANU in
the hope that (like many other songs recorded here) it will leak out and
affect minds in Ignorantia.

They tell me they have selected this particular recording because if one
listens very sensitively one can hear a deep philosophical thinking that
went into it¹s making, but unlike the rest of the DOUBLETHINK recordings
it¹s philosophy and message are not immediately obvious. It is this
seemingly joyous in-offensive nature that the Elders feel will allow the
recording to pass the ignorance filters undetected and serve their ultimate
purpose, which is to lull the unsuspecting listener into a false sense of
security and prepare their minds and ears for DOUBLETHINK. The Elders feel
they can the use the apparent power of the rest of the recordings to
inspire, teach and awaken.

Me I¹m not really sure either way but as I¹ve already said one does not
disagree with the Elders or the Oracle here. They have also asked me to
collaborate with another diseased being living here, Mr CULTLOVESYOU and
record some images to go with XXL that highlight the absurdity of the
current crop of ignorant music nowadays (in 2184 of course). I have no doubt
that if all the Elders promotional contacts work as they should you will be
hearing/seeing the recording and video very soonŠ this space