Diary entry 13
                             The discovery of my disease

I was thirteen when it happened, it is clear now. We were at the secondary
indoctrination centre, we were learning about the Œflea bitten inhuman
savages¹ that we had to remove from this land before we could found this
great nation of ours. I am not sure what it was, something in the
indoctrinators speech or manner or just the smell of the air that day but I
could taste a rage building in me with every word she spoke. In my mind I
kept getting images of these¹ savages¹ and their children being killed, and
their books and buildings being destroyed, and the few of them still alive
being whipped into submission. Somehow those savages seemed regal and wise
and of course not perfect, but human to me, and for a brief moment that was
a characteristic that I found endearing. And I just lost it. I leapt out of
my chair and screamed at the indoctrinator that what she was saying was
nonsense and that the massacre of human beings could never be justified, I
screamed that they were humanoids just like us and actually we could have
perhaps learned a thing or two from them.
At that last comment my whole class paused, frozen in indignation, I could
see a few faces grimacing as if bitten by a slight truth they felt in what I
was saying but their bodies disobeyed this bite and as the indoctrinator
rang the bell for the enforcers of ignorance to come and collect me and the
rest of the class held me pinned to a desk to await their arrival, those few
conflicted souls sat in their seats and just watched. They just watched, as
I was beaten by the enforcer¹s electro-metallic sticks and my bloody body
dragged by its feet leaving a viscous red smear on the floor. They just
They just watched as something they knew to be wrong unfolded and happened
before their very eyes. The elders tell me that all that needs to happen for
humanity to sink into barbarism is for people to just watch.

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7SESS FILES #13 Posted by kerrintelligent
I was somehow entering into an age which has last been visited  a very long long time ago,  someplace where most great prophets and masters of the past could not be, they could see and foretell but I was at the gates.
7SESS FILES The cure for all  It was subtle when I received the gift of mind over matter not like  knowledge given by the minion training centers nor like that gained by reading from books, it was something impossible made real,  you see, once made real it has no impossibilities yet to make it real  it we were trained to think its impossible.  what with the fluoridation of basic drinking and oral hygiene products and with the chem-  enhanced air flow there is also a bio-barrier against any non standard minion behavior. However, it was a subtle remote ghetto corner somewhere in the middle of a sleeping giants pillow where I was blessed with a fiery oily black burnt seeded tight fluff sess, shiyet......  that thing opened the door. So what next ermmm...  conquer the world and get rid if the  builderburge illustration, nar  too much blood and gore involved..   ermmm girls, some supermodels maybe, nar to much selfish, got to do somthing to help forward good stuff I know.. make manifest cash make manifest cash.  that should do it not working still skint.  CONCLUSION:
After being given the powers of all through a glump of sticky black sess I am still wondering what exactly to with this awesome power. will stay still until something worth while springs to mind.... or I get cash...

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