Doublethink Diary Entry 3

I am now in a place called ANU a small underground settlement full of beings
with all types of ailments ranging from compassion, reason and self-worth to
even the rarest but most virulent of all diseases; unconditional love. Since
being here I have made some sound recordings, I am told by the elders that
these utterings are an ancestral throwback to what they call ³The last Great
Awakening² (a period of time much eulogized by the elders reputed to have
lasted from 1945-2034 during which time humanoids, despite their continued
extermination of themselves spread masses of this creativity across the
planet, which the elders say is actually a good thing) and all language,
sounds, ideas and inspiration in these recordings apparently belongs to that
I will make available a copy of these recordings in due course incase you
can make any sense of them and will be in touch again as and when more is
revealed to me about myself, my life and what I am running from or to.
Yours AK4700624
P.S I have entitled these recordings ³DOUBLETHINK² which the elders tell me
is a direct reference to a work by a prophet that died in the early part of
³The Last Great Awakening² and foretold with astounding accuracy the fate
that was to befall us humanoids.

Doublethink Diary Entry 2

When my condition was discovered like all diseased beings I was taken from
society (independent thought is terribly contagious and the Faceless People
cannot risk an epidemic) and quarantined in a centre for the mentally
unwell. My time at this centre is a blur to me, as is how exactly I came to
be there but (as my current circumstances attest) something happened. All I
can remember is a beautiful female face, a needle and flames. Not only have
I escaped from this institute but I have in my possession a book (it seems
despite all the public abhorrence for books the Faceless People we¹re
secretly housing books at these mental homes) which makes me public enemy no
1. I have not read the book yet though I am not sure why, the Elders tell me
there will be a sign when I ready. Oh yes the eldersŠ.

Doublethink Diary Entry 1

Dear Reader

I’ll tell you what I think I know. The year is 2184 my name is AK4700624 and I am a fugitive. Sometime around 150 years ago all books we’re banned, in fact the ownership of any publication other than official state issue pornographic magazines became a capital offence. Many other activities that I am told had been quite commonplace in society up until that point such as visual art, meditation, non-violent sport, films (again other than state issue snuff movies or pornography) physical contact with other humanoids outside of ones prescribed allowance we’re all outlawed, but it was reading and writing that became the ultimate crime.

However despite the removal of these nuisances from society some freaks are still born with a rare and deadly diseases, the symptoms of which include, the use of prohibited language, the need to paint, play music, sing and (most barbaric of all) the constant questioning of all things, including authority. Curiously all of these  freaks are also born with an innate ability to read and write and it is that ability that seems to irritate the Faceless People the most.

I am unfortunately one such freak.