Doublethink Diary 11


So all of what I have told you about entertainment the ban of reading etc
are some of the ways in which the perfect order and control is maintained
order here. Fear and hatred [both of which stem from ignorance anyway] are
also fully utilized, but the most effective tool for control seems to be
human selfishness and the Œego¹. In Ignorantia it is ensured that each
humanoid only cares about itself, it¹s own ideas, it¹s own career, and in
exceptional circumstances they are encouraged to extend their cares to other
members of their own caste. Egos are rewarded with praise and salaries and
jewelry and status for this lack of compassion. Upper castes are convinced
that privilege, material wealth and rank is their birthright, whilst it is
ensured that the lower castes understand that the lack of all those things
is theirs. Constantly, everday upper castes are reminded that they are
superior in every way and must feel and act accordingly and we of course
lower castes are never allowed to forget for one second that they are
inferior in every way and must also act accordingly, this way they remain
separate and can both be controlled.

What has surprised me since I arrived at Anu is that there is an almost
equal balance of humanoids from all castes here. Remember these are
individuals suffering from diseases of intelligence, reason, and love,
individuals that could not function in the mathematical perfection of
Ignorantia. This tells me that (contrary to what I had been raised to
believe) humanoids of all castes are capable of contracting the
aforementioned diseases and in equal measure humanoids in all castes seem to
find the mathematical perfection of the place where I grew up repulsive.
This has given me serious food for thought as I was genuinely convinced that
the upper castes loved their un-earned privilege and took great pleasure in
abusing and taunting and being oblivious to the pain of those they deemed
Œless¹ than themselves. It turns out some part of their ancestral memory
seems to know as Kandace tells me that we are all a piece of one collective
energy and all ideas of Œdifference¹ are just illusions. It seems many of us
are born pre-programmed to wake from that illusion no matter how much
Ignorantia attempts to re-enforce it.

Anyway in Ignoratia, of course if any body from any caste gets too far out
of line and really tries to change the social and economic order of things
they are just killed, imprisoned or at the very least labeled as insane, but
most humanoids are so weak from their diet of ignorance, ignorance and
Œfood¹ that this almost never happens.

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The fact that they have to lie to all of us on the news in order to validate their actions show an awareness for the compassionate and moral essence of people. Their lies imply that if people knew the Truth without manufactured mis-perception, the people would not stand for it. The prejudice the system creates amongst people of different "castes" is certainly just one layer out of many that actualize their intent to "divide and conquer." The perfect embodiment of this idea on paper is the Lynch letter, which encapsulates the power division has to subjugate people within and beyond boundaries of color, 'caste,' and gender.
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