Food and medicine
Food and medicine are of course also put to their appropriate use in
Ignoratia; that is to maintain a general and accepted level of illness.
This is perfectly logical, as a healthy body equals a healthy mind and as we
have learned from our ancestors healthy minds do not easily become ignorant
and therefore cannot be controlled. It is therefore beneficial to the order
of things that a diet of wholly synthetic, processed, chemicalized food and
drink be consumed. All fresh fruit and vegetables are illegal (unfortunately
there is still a huge black-market for these products that we have not been
able to fully quash) and home growth is sacrilege. A minimum per day calorie
intake is also enforced; our dietary ideology can be summed up by the
following maxim;
A hamburger an hour
Keeps illness in power
You see illness is seen almost as a communal right of passage by the people
and as everybody they have ever met has always been at least slightly sick
it becomes self evident that sickness is as normal as breathing. All herbal
treatment (as laughable and ineffective as it obviously is) has still been
outlawed, as we of course can¹t have people experimenting with those dangers
and potentially harming themselves. It is quite simple, as man is the
pinnacle of creation the more man [and not a woman] has affected a given
thing the better that thing becomes and this is most clearly demonstrated in
medicine. The more processed, complicated and confused the treatment the
more often it should be applied. As the people are kept totally ignorant of
how their bodies actually work and are so petrified of death we can prey
upon them to the point that they will drink engine cleaner and eat rat
poison and then have the resulting disease treated with more toxic
substances as long as we tell them to.
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akala how can i write so eloquently and whit articulacy like you? it amazes me when i read this.
well written and awesome album, am still hahahaing from the term igno-screen from Doublethink diary entry 9. Never the less, its so true, love the content displayed throughout, very informal and saddening, especially the fact that am one of them unfortunates who live in the land similar to ignoratia.

Appreciate the sound recording of the rap genre type, what your Anu people call The last Great Awakening, and since i live in the era of them ancestors you speak of, the lyrical skill, flow and content you utter, i can really say, you sound allot like this dude with a afro named akala,-hahaha!
I swear down bruv,AK4700624, if you could meet this akala you will get along, the degrading values of Ignoratia, you discuss, akala discussed the very same issues in my world, but just like the ignorance of Ignoratia, people chose to close their ears, and get a big plate full of ignorance, violence and control by the higher caste. But some freaks, just like yourself and me did exist in my era to, and appreciated akala in using his gift for a better world.

One more thing too, mr.AK4700624, the idea behind XXL, was very well executed, even i was like what the heck is this ?!!, not the best i have heard, there’s allot of elements in this tune, that remind me of shitty mainstream music, and it was missing that underground feeling but later i realised the message that was seen through all the jungle music, with a pop chorus, thumbs up to the elders from anu mate, since Ignoratia is a lot like my era of life, it worked very well, am able to listen to it around ignorant people, and while they enjoy the beat and chorus, i enjoy the beat, chorus and subliminal message delivered through.

So from one freak, to another, goodbye for now, until you podcast again from 2184.

Hm... "Welcome to Dystopia". I gotta say this is an extremely creative
from the perspective of someone who worked hospital pharmacy for 16 years and was raised in the household of one of the largest family practitioners in the SE U.S.(who tried to fight from the inside), this is nothing but the truth.
Talented post. I actually enjoy it. My reverence to the creator.
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