Doublethink Diary Entry 7

Ignorantia &
The Naming process


The land where I grew up is called Ignoratia the Latin (one of our primitive
ancestors languages) for ignorance, the highest of all virtues. I was born
in 2161 which was the year of the ak47. In Ignorantia each year bears the
name of a brilliant instrument of death that our almost civilized ancestors
invented [sort of in much the same way I am told that an ancient people
called the Chinese name years after animals]. There are twelve chosen
instruments of death to reflect the cycle of violence of the earth as it
moves through the solar system, these are the dagger, the sword, the musket,
the rifle, the ak47, the grenade, the landmine, the napalm bomb, the tank,
the rpg, the missile and the summit of ancestors progress; the year of the
nuclear warhead. The numbers are just what they seem, so my having been
hatched as part of the second batch of humanoids that year I was officially
the six hundred and twenty-fourth new addition to Ignorantia in 2161 the
year of ak47.