Doublethink Diary Entry 10

Concerning Violence
The second virtue, violence is seen and praised all through out the land
where I grew up. At the centre of indoctrination all day for the first two
years we learn to kill and maim and stab lower castes and barbarians on 3d
computer simulations, blood spurting, intestines spilling, brains on the
ground and we march up the score board to the top of the class in triumph.
However the worship of violence starts even before we are born; as we are
grown in the embryo farm the sound of screams and machine guns is constantly
played while we grow, so that we are born naturally accustomed to the
beautiful operatic sound of war.
Our growing family (according to state regulations) must sit us down every
evening to watch a good wholesome round of murder and pornography or they
can be fined and even imprisoned. Also if we go to the indoctrination centre
and are not up to date with the latest killing machines and sexual positions
we will be ridiculed as Œintelligent¹ or Œwise¹ or Œworst of all
Every year the nation pauses to come out in salute for the murderer of the
year awards, where we all praise the good men of Ignorantia who have
displayed the greatest level of ignorance and killed the highest number of
savages on this planet that we own.