Doublethink Diary Entry 4

The Elders

Here at Anu nothing happens without permission of the 'elders', who are essentially what the name suggests; a council of the oldest (though that does not always mean physical age, it is judged by the age of a persons 'soul' and allegedly 'souls' do not always age at the same rate as flesh) men and women in the settlement elected by the people for their wisdom to lead. The very head of the elders is a woman (an apparent oracle/healer) called Kandace.

She has chosen me to be ‘healed’.

Why? I am not sure but I am told it involves acts that in the world I come from are serious crimes, such as meditation, fasting and the drinking of plant teas, group affection and the singing of unapproved songs. So I am a little confused and conflicted to say the least, but here at Anu you do not disagree with the ‘Oracle’. Not because of a fear you will be punished but because there is a strange energetic magnetism that however irrational pulls you toward what she says.

I am told that throughout the course of my healing I will begin to regain my memory of who I am, where I have been [both physically and ancestrally] and what my ‘purpose’ is.

I will keep you informed of what happens.
3 responses
Loving the entries..I'm addicted!
Akala, loving the evolution of you as an artist and as an individual. You are courageous and doing what you believe is your mission and what is in your heart. I know and you know you are choosen. Thank you for challenging your fear even though you know the risks that are involved. Its more than just making a profit its making a change for humanity's sake.
I totally hear you bro and the support is more appreciated than you know. But its really odd, the more this journey continues the more I realise how little "i" have to do with any of this. Ideas come from I don't know where and I just say thanks. I have absolutely no choice in these decisions or processes, so when you thank me you are really thanking the same source that I thank when the ideas come and where whatever strength any of us muster also comes from. I have no idea what to call it so I won't bother but I know you get exactly what I am trying to say