Doublethink Diary Entry 7

Ignorantia &
The Naming process


The land where I grew up is called Ignoratia the Latin (one of our primitive
ancestors languages) for ignorance, the highest of all virtues. I was born
in 2161 which was the year of the ak47. In Ignorantia each year bears the
name of a brilliant instrument of death that our almost civilized ancestors
invented [sort of in much the same way I am told that an ancient people
called the Chinese name years after animals]. There are twelve chosen
instruments of death to reflect the cycle of violence of the earth as it
moves through the solar system, these are the dagger, the sword, the musket,
the rifle, the ak47, the grenade, the landmine, the napalm bomb, the tank,
the rpg, the missile and the summit of ancestors progress; the year of the
nuclear warhead. The numbers are just what they seem, so my having been
hatched as part of the second batch of humanoids that year I was officially
the six hundred and twenty-fourth new addition to Ignorantia in 2161 the
year of ak47.

Lay Down-Sacred Spirit

My favorite (if you can really use such a word for this kind of music) song on one of my favorite albums ever. I listened to this album everyday for months in Brazil, it's called Culture Clash, if music makes you travel then this is an album you need in your life

Doublethink Diary Entry 6

The First Treatment with the Elders

Surrounded by a circle of love I sat in the middle facing the elegant,
honest face of Kandace, a face colored by a wisdom and powered by an engine
that was not here with the rest of us, yet still somehow faded in that
luminosity by time or pain or fear I could not tell which. The members of
this circle chanted slow rhythmic guttural utterances that seemed to
originate not in their voice boxes or diaphragms but to erupt from the same
source that illuminated Kandace¹s face. I remember feeling very conflicted,
on one hand I found this Œlove¹ (an idea that I had grown to view abhorrent)
quite alienating and unsettling but on the other hand I could not deny that
there was a warmth and a beauty that filled my body and made me feel whole
in a way I have never before experienced. I remember being massaged, I
remember having needles stuck in me and removed, I remember the hot stones
on my back feeling like they were sucking some reluctant snake of substance
from my body, I remember the crystal, I remember drinking a warm liquid, not
necessarily warm in its temperature but I remember it filled my body with
warmth and then I blacked out.

The elders tell me that this process will continue and each time it is done
I will regain more of my memory of the past, who I am, where I have come
from and what my purpose is until eventually myself will become strong
enough to remain fully conscious after the drink and much will be revealed
to me. They say at that point I will be ready to be given my names back and
begin reading the book that I brought with me.

Doublethink Diary Entry 5

Assignment XXL

The Elders have selected one of the DOUBLETHINK recordings, the one entitled
XXL and asked me to promote it via the underground network here at ANU in
the hope that (like many other songs recorded here) it will leak out and
affect minds in Ignorantia.

They tell me they have selected this particular recording because if one
listens very sensitively one can hear a deep philosophical thinking that
went into it¹s making, but unlike the rest of the DOUBLETHINK recordings
it¹s philosophy and message are not immediately obvious. It is this
seemingly joyous in-offensive nature that the Elders feel will allow the
recording to pass the ignorance filters undetected and serve their ultimate
purpose, which is to lull the unsuspecting listener into a false sense of
security and prepare their minds and ears for DOUBLETHINK. The Elders feel
they can the use the apparent power of the rest of the recordings to
inspire, teach and awaken.

Me I¹m not really sure either way but as I¹ve already said one does not
disagree with the Elders or the Oracle here. They have also asked me to
collaborate with another diseased being living here, Mr CULTLOVESYOU and
record some images to go with XXL that highlight the absurdity of the
current crop of ignorant music nowadays (in 2184 of course). I have no doubt
that if all the Elders promotional contacts work as they should you will be
hearing/seeing the recording and video very soonŠ this space

Doublethink Diary Entry 4

The Elders

Here at Anu nothing happens without permission of the 'elders', who are essentially what the name suggests; a council of the oldest (though that does not always mean physical age, it is judged by the age of a persons 'soul' and allegedly 'souls' do not always age at the same rate as flesh) men and women in the settlement elected by the people for their wisdom to lead. The very head of the elders is a woman (an apparent oracle/healer) called Kandace.

She has chosen me to be ‘healed’.

Why? I am not sure but I am told it involves acts that in the world I come from are serious crimes, such as meditation, fasting and the drinking of plant teas, group affection and the singing of unapproved songs. So I am a little confused and conflicted to say the least, but here at Anu you do not disagree with the ‘Oracle’. Not because of a fear you will be punished but because there is a strange energetic magnetism that however irrational pulls you toward what she says.

I am told that throughout the course of my healing I will begin to regain my memory of who I am, where I have been [both physically and ancestrally] and what my ‘purpose’ is.

I will keep you informed of what happens.

If I Knew

If I knew what I wanted to say
I wouldn¹t speak
If I knew what I struggled to chase
I couldn¹t keep
If I knew it was the cousin of death
I wouldn¹t sleep
If I truly knew I was the best
Would I compete?

From The Book Of Laughter And forgetting

"The first step in liquidating a people is to erase its memory. Destroy its books, its culture, its history, Then have somebody write new books, manufacture a new culture, invent a new history. Before long the nation will begin to forget what it is and what it was. The world around it will forget even faster……The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting."

Milan Kundera

Doublethink Diary Entry 3

I am now in a place called ANU a small underground settlement full of beings
with all types of ailments ranging from compassion, reason and self-worth to
even the rarest but most virulent of all diseases; unconditional love. Since
being here I have made some sound recordings, I am told by the elders that
these utterings are an ancestral throwback to what they call ³The last Great
Awakening² (a period of time much eulogized by the elders reputed to have
lasted from 1945-2034 during which time humanoids, despite their continued
extermination of themselves spread masses of this creativity across the
planet, which the elders say is actually a good thing) and all language,
sounds, ideas and inspiration in these recordings apparently belongs to that
I will make available a copy of these recordings in due course incase you
can make any sense of them and will be in touch again as and when more is
revealed to me about myself, my life and what I am running from or to.
Yours AK4700624
P.S I have entitled these recordings ³DOUBLETHINK² which the elders tell me
is a direct reference to a work by a prophet that died in the early part of
³The Last Great Awakening² and foretold with astounding accuracy the fate
that was to befall us humanoids.