There's a kind of luck that's not much more than being in the right place at
the right time, a kind of inspiration that is not much more than doing the
right thing in the right way, and both only really happen to you when you
empty your heart of ambition, purpose, and plan; when you give yourself ,
completely, to the golden, fate-filled moment.

From Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts


And then of course you have this guy, who my parents also got to see!

It's mad to me despite how much choice and freedom there seems to be these
days when you look at the pop starts we have elected versus those elected by
our parents it seems we have regressed rather than moved forward. Make no
mistake Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix and Mr Lennon here were pop stars and look
at the things they we're saying.

This is in my top 5 songs ever lyrically


I think after Bob Marley Jimi is my greatest artist ever and what scares me
is that my parents got to see both of them!

Listen to the lyrics!


This a track from the last Gil album

Genius.. Four letter words or four syllable words won't make you a poet
It will just magnify how shallow you are and let everybody know it!

People like this are the pioneers of Hip-Hop and when we are parading around
doing Gucci adverts and insulting women we are selling out something that is
a lot bigger and has a much greater history than we realize.

Akala Poems

This weeks poem


The theory is well "researched"
Translation (well funded)
The theory is backed by scientific "evidence" (propaganda)
The theory is "groundbreaking" (we have rehashed old ideas and taken credit
for them)
The theory is scientifically "proven" (we said so)
The theory is a "fact" (you can ask Galileo¹s ghost about facts)
A theory means we don¹t know
We can sniff, inject, smoke, it don¹t help
We¹ll never get there
We drive, sail, fly, we never arrive
We grab, grope, hold, but never touch
We build bigger microscopes, split atoms, but can¹t see it
It¹s everywhere

Akala in South America

Hey People here are some of the pictures from my travels, obviously these
show generally a bit more of the picturesque side of South America so they
don't really tell the totality of my trip as there are so many moments,
beautiful, ugly and indifferent that I did not catch as I was living it. I
will post some of my diaries soon to give you a rounder idea if everything I
saw but in the meantime I hope you enjoy these!

Akala Poems

Not victory, nor slaughter
The house of pain, nor pains of laughter
Not bombs, nor the dust that was the village
Not mansion, nor mud-hut, palace or cardboard sheet
Not silk shawl or cotton canvas,
Not car, nor carriage
All is borne from no-thing
Therefore nothing is all that is real
The senses are but confusions illusion
A compass of false conclusion
Ears house some vibrations as cries or music
Yet others pass undetected
Eyes conclude colour, where some light is reflected
Yet most light passes the eye, undetected
Noses upturn at the stench of poverty
But delight in the rich stink of robbery
Hands hold solid, sure of shape
Yet that same collection of atoms
Is just empty space
Tongues taste terrible bitterness where sweet cures reside
And delight in deliciousness where pernicious poisons hide.
What is real?


I traveled to South America for 3 months in Nov 08 (starting of in Rio and
doing a big loop of the continent via Bolivia, Peru and the whole length of
the amazon river!) to do some writing, reading and just to learn. The trip
had an unexplainable impact on me though I will do my best to give you some
insight into what I went through by sharing with you videos, photos and
writing from the trip.

Here's the first

Akala poems

Hey people have written a few poems over the last 18 months, will be sharing
them with you every so often so here's one to kick off

Peace is on the way
By the sword they say
After this, this last blow
Last chop, last drop
After this, this last scream
Last shout, last trample of boot
Just one more, one last
Rubble wreck where once were dreams housed
Last plane, last flame, last sky
Just one, one more naked Vietnamese girl
Be she Russian, Israeli, Palestinian, Sudanese
Or great, great, great, really great British
Just one more placard wielding warrior
And this last sword-slinging gunman
One more song of machine metal
Hurtling death to outrun life
Just one more war
Then we can have peace