At least a years worth of books to read

For all the people who were at the Birmingham Library event yesterday (and everybody else) here are some books you may enjoy!

1984-George Orwell
Brave New World-Aldos Huxley
WE-Yevengy Zamayatin
Blindness-Jose Saramago
Of Water and the spirit-Patrice Some
Native Son-Richard Wright
100 years of solitude-Gabriel Garcia Marquez
They Came Before Columbus-Ivan Van Sertima
The African Origin of Civilisation Myth or Reality?-Cheikh Anta Diop
The Secret Life of Plants-Peter Tompkins
The Fountainhead-Ayn Rand
The Black Jacobins-C.L.R James
1491-Charles C Mann
The Shock Doctrine-Naomi Klein
The Prophet-Kahlil Gibran
The Awakening of intelligence-J.Krishnamurti
Self Reliance-Ralph Waldo Emerson
Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep-Phillip K Dick
The Glass Bead Game-Herman Hesse
The Urban Heritage Of West Africa
The First Emperor Of China-Clements
Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome-Joy Leary
The Ruins Of Empires-C.F Volney
Song Of Solomon-Toni Morrison
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