And then of course you have this guy, who my parents also got to see!

It's mad to me despite how much choice and freedom there seems to be these
days when you look at the pop starts we have elected versus those elected by
our parents it seems we have regressed rather than moved forward. Make no
mistake Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix and Mr Lennon here were pop stars and look
at the things they we're saying.

This is in my top 5 songs ever lyrically


I think after Bob Marley Jimi is my greatest artist ever and what scares me
is that my parents got to see both of them!

Listen to the lyrics!


This a track from the last Gil album

Genius.. Four letter words or four syllable words won't make you a poet
It will just magnify how shallow you are and let everybody know it!

People like this are the pioneers of Hip-Hop and when we are parading around
doing Gucci adverts and insulting women we are selling out something that is
a lot bigger and has a much greater history than we realize.

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