Pre-order the single & listen to BBB remixes

You are now able to listen below to the single as well as the amazing electro house remixes of BBB by French producers Baxter Baxter. Just press the Play button (>) underneath the cover image. You can also pre-order the single & remixes from my new Indiestore

Although you won't be able to download the tracks until the official release date - Sept 17th - the reason i have done this is so that people can show their support for the music i'm making. Because i am 100% independent and not signed to some major label i need to sell records in order to keep making good music. Your 79p not only helps you support what i'm doing but if enough of my fans pre-order the tracks i may be able to get my music into the charts and somehow try to compete with the massive amount of money major labels throw away each week ensuring their artists get into the charts as well. The system is rigged against emerging artists like me but services such as Indiestore may just help redress the balance. So if you like what you hear show me some pre-order love! And if you do purchase any tracks just send an email to with "Indiestore Purchase" in the title and i promise to send reminder emails out to you on release date so that you can be among the first to download the new tracks.

It's UK's time now. AKALA