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love your music, cant wait for the new album but please don't put this track on it! no disrespect
What u sayin smith??! Love the song and cant wait for the album to drop!
Akala is undoubtedly the best rapper this or in fact any country has produced but he can do much better. If i wanted to hear the same line repeated over and over again i'd listen to wiley!
lovin the production!! u guys bein way too harsh - isnt the repetitiveness the whole point of the song?!!
This is so fresh and funky; loving the beat! And your lyrics are just cold as ever.Nice one Akala.
I think it'll make a great addition to the album. Catchy beat, great last verse. You've got to have some sort of variety on the album. Saying that, it'll be had to top Freedom Lasso, that might be his opus. It will be fun seeing him try though.
*hard to top

Everything should have an edit button, even life.

Straight up and down the beat reminds me of the 80's and Kill Bill. The repetivness im not feelin at all. As they say if it the formula aint broke dont fix it, modulate it. Drake and Wayne is killin it. You've got to step it up. What is XXl about? I think of the magazine. Mos def need to be more articulate. Also, when you perform this time give us some unexpected sh8t. In these times in the music industry sales are down and talent is the only exception that will get your records brought look at Susan Boyle. Im tellin you this out of love. This is a great time in music history cause you have to be talented...
The lyrics is fire! I agree with Aniyabkbaby though. I know u got it in you put your best. Ima cop the album when it drop.
Awsome song cant wait for the new album to come out
Sup Akala, been a fan since stumbling upon you quiet a few years ago now and enjoyed the last two albums & your mixtapes, Freedom Lasso was a little different, took some getting used to but its a classic in my collection now as pretty much everything else you produce. I like constructive criticism so I'd have to tell you, I aint feelin this song much part from the last verse, I'm sure the album will be as good as ever though, I just hope you haven't done the typical UK rapper thing at the moment and gone pop/auto-tunage to the max. Stay real man, I look forward to enjoying hearing more inspiring shit from you like I always have done.
Hey people hope you are all well?? I totally appreciate all your feedback above and see a few of us are worried, just to put all your minds at ease I have not gone away and made an album of all sing along funky club tunes!!! (You should know me better than that!Lol) It's precisely because this album is even more hard (politically and socially speaking) that I feel songs like this are needed and give balance to an album otherwise the serious songs will not have the impact as there will be nothing to contrast them. Just my opinion and ultimately it will be all your decisions when you hear the album but one thing I can guarantee is that there is plenty to chew on content wise on the album.

Watch this space

@aniyabkbaby how can you name drop susan boyle in the same sentence as akala? lol
Hi akala

It hasent been a single day that i haven't listened to all your songs since I've known you since two years ago

Well done Kingslee, (AKALA)

I am proud of you !

Lovin' the music just hope you get some more songs like why do and carried away dat u can really feel - luv ur music but i fort freedom lasso was missin stuff like dat