Akala poems

Hey people have written a few poems over the last 18 months, will be sharing
them with you every so often so here's one to kick off

Peace is on the way
By the sword they say
After this, this last blow
Last chop, last drop
After this, this last scream
Last shout, last trample of boot
Just one more, one last
Rubble wreck where once were dreams housed
Last plane, last flame, last sky
Just one, one more naked Vietnamese girl
Be she Russian, Israeli, Palestinian, Sudanese
Or great, great, great, really great British
Just one more placard wielding warrior
And this last sword-slinging gunman
One more song of machine metal
Hurtling death to outrun life
Just one more war
Then we can have peace
8 responses
Love the last two lines too much. <3
The Black Shakespeare is at it again! Thoroughly enjoyed reading that, keep em coming!
Well wrote I must say, A rare talent that you are.
So Long Ago… Was it really that long ago? When I rested in her arms, she fell asleep— Alerted by the clikidy clack of the horses heals I softly slid from under her arms, Opening the curtains covering the window, I watched the horses galloping the flowery fields. Black horses, tanned horses, white horses... Tubes of glorious muscle in motion. Great hollow, bell like flowers. Oh sun high in the sky how you shine with such magnificence. The rainbow illuminates… Polychromatic. So long ago...
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