Yours and My Children (Snippet)

Hey People

We have edited some footage of the band rehearsing to a track called 'Yours
and My Children' hope you enjoy.

Now XXL is out and bubbling along we felt it was time to start getting into
the message of 'DOUBLETHINK' which is what the Akala message and the message
of true Hip-Hop always has been; a message of Knowledge, love, respect and
freedom. Hopefully this track conveys that.

If you want to help us spread this message further the best thing you can do
@ the moment is get behind 'XXL' over the next two weeks as the better that
does the further we will be able to spread this message when it's time.

Txt Radio1 to request XXL ON 81199 when you listen in
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Email MTV nad request the video.

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Lyrics to 'Yours And My Children'

Hey people I thought it would be interesting to read the lyrics of a song
before you hear it. So here is the first verse and chorus from a track from
DOUBLETHINK called 'Yours and My Children'. This track was really inspired
by my time in Brazil and the gross, ugly, constant injustice in the world in

This should start to give you a picture of what the album is actually gonna

Yours and My Children

Right here dangerous idea
If we did this, then we couldn¹t feel fear
If there¹s no fear, there¹s no control
If there¹s no control, someone¹s gotta let go
They say I Shouldn¹t say too much they might delete me
Realize I don¹t really care about tv
Keep your awards, your applause I¹m easy
All I can do in this life is just be me
Pilger can say it, so can Niomi Kline
Its free speech for them, that¹s fine
Young black rapper should utter the same words
Utterly absurd, nutter, insane, nerd
Even the fact I call myself Œblack¹
Social conditioning and that¹s a fact
The idea of races has no factual basis
It was made just to serve racists
To justify to doing to some what couldn¹t be done
To others, but they all are our sons
Black or white all of our sons
Muslim, Christian all of our sons
Look up in the sky that¹s all of our Sun
Last time I checked we only had one
So if some were superior, others inferior, based on exterior
Well then surely the sun would know and fall in to line?
It would rain on your crops and not mine?
Air would prefer to inhabit your lungs?
Food would prefer the taste of your tongue?
If that¹s not the case then nature has declared
Despite what we say the worlds in fact fair

Kids in Iraq

Yours and my children
Kids in Iran
Yours and my children

Yours and my children
Even Sudan
Yours and my children
Kids in brazil
Yours and my children
Police drive by the favela and just kill them
Kids in brazil
Yours and my children
Police drive by the favela and just kill them

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Dear Reader and friend.
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the reading agency, a charity that I recently did some mentoring work for
and that are basically aimed at really spreading the gift or reading as far
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Yours Akala
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Doublethink Diary Entry 9

Ignorance part 2:

Concerning entertainment, public figures etc
Perhaps the greatest manifestation of the moral ignorance of our land can be
seen in the field of entertainment. I am told entertainment has always had
it¹s ignorance but again it is in our land alone that one can find the
optimum level of precision within this ignorance. You see it was once
thought that entertainment was supposed to "inspire" or encourage people to
"question" or "move" human beings in some way. That is of course complete
folly we have realized that the sole purpose of entertainment is to maintain
perfect, bewildered, inarticulate ignorance. To that end we have a few

Firstly, it is compulsory that each room in every household [especially
those of the lowest caste slum dwellers] must contain at least one
igno-screen, which will automatically switch on when a pulse enters the
room. Each humanoid including infants must consume a minimum of two hours of
igno-screen every day and be able to espouse what they have seen and heard
on the igno-screens at the various indoctrination centers they attend.
Contents of the ignoscreen must be;

1] Thoroughly un-challenging to human thought
2] Violent

3] Materialistic

4] Parts played by actors must be strictly in line with their caste positions

Music videos (which make up a major part of the content of the igno-screen)
must contain;
1] A minimum of fifteen bikini clad women
2] Ten pornographic images
3] Ten products more expensive than a years wage of all but the highest

The "songs" themselves must contain

1] No words over three syllables
2] At least five terms befitting for the female gender [hoe, bitch, slut

3]Five violent threats
4] Ten mentions of products more expensive than a years salary, of all but
the highest castes.

We have similar regulations for films, theatre and video games etc, but as
music is considered to be the most potentially subversive and is also the
most veraciously consumed of all entertainment the strictest guidelines are
reserved for music.
One element that is common to all our entertainment however is that to gain
Œ"fame" an individual must epitomize the core value of ignorance and in fact
the less talent, ability and ideas a person has, the more eligible they are
for fame. The idea is for people to aspire to fame in and of itself, the
idea of fame, the existence of fame, of being known and praised for nothing
other than ones "fame", not for things as in concrete and inconsequential as
talent or meaning