Blink, blink
Think, think
Sink, sink
Don¹t resist, sink
Thought is stupidity
Feelings are a broken compass
Follow the computer
Chase the pay-check
Grab the car, clutch the mortgage
Forget reading, forget music
Forget art, forget independence
We can think for you
Nailed to what I know by what I don¹t
Full of facts, yet empty of truth
The price of an opinion is unaffordable
Marching the rhythm of rigidity
Shout with the crowd
It¹s the only way to be safe.
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"Full of facts, yet empty of truth"
...This is what I see every day. It's amazing what people will listen to and consider to be revolutionary thinking when they know nothing about either revolution or thinking. Think for yourself. Look at history, look at art (sometimes they are one and the same), look at yourself and think about what is happening. Don't let life happen to you without giving a fleeting thought to why it is this way.

Great poem Akala.