Blood Stains The Pavement
Red, Viscous and Black
Once the yelping, bending body is gone
The Blood Give Character To The Slabs
A Rainbow Of Bile, Phlegm and Punctured Arteries
A Monument To Another Mind

Wasted, Wasted

This Shitty Little Stain
The Only Memorial
For The Loss Of Possibility
Once The Pavement Is Cleansed
There Is Nothing To Show
Nothings Standing To Let You Know
On This Day We Lost Greatness.....

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Hm... This one hit me hard. It's true, too many of our youth, our futures, our potential holders are killed on the streets like stray dogs, murdered by crime, war, and even those who are supposed to protect them. The only legacy they leave is a blood stain on the pavement and a hole in the world that was waiting for them to step up and out and take their rightful places in it.

There's strength in your words.


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