Oxford Union Address & Bibliography

Hey people I recently addressed the Oxford Union regarding African history as the 'lost' (distorted may be a more appropriate term) pages of human history. Unfortunately the slides are not ver clear in the video but you can view most them in my teacher Robin Walker's book 'Before The Slave Trade'. 

Please also see below an extended bibliography regarding this talk and the subject in general. 

Unesco General Histories Of Africa Vol 1-15 - Multiple authors 

When We Ruled - Robin Walker 

Before The Slave Trade - Robin Walker 

The African Origin Of Civilsation: Myth or Reality - Cheikh Anta Diop 

The Came Before Columbus - Ivan Van Sertima 

Early America Revisited - Ivan Van Sertima 

Black Athena - Martin Bernal 

Black Genesis - Bauval & Brophy 

Imhotep The African - Bauval & Brophy 

African Towns & Cities Before European Conquest - Richard Hull 

The Ruins Of Empires - C.F Volney 

Ancient Egypt The Light Of The World - Gerald Massey 

The Signs and Symbols Of Primordial Man - Albert Churchward 

Africa and Africans As Seen By The Classical writers - William Leo Hansberry 

Life In Ancient Egypt - Adolf Erman 

Ancient Egyptian Literature Vol 1-3 - Mariam Lichtheim 

African Philosophy: The Pharaonic Period - Theophile Obenga 

Timbuctoo The Mysterious - Felix Dubois 

The Black Jacobins - C.L.R James 

The Irritated Genie - Jacob Carruthers 

Africa In History - Basil Davidson 

Ta'rikh al Fattash - Al Hajj Mahmud Kati 

The Pale Fox - Griaule & Dierterlen 

A Tropical Dependency - Flora S Lugard 

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LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! Thank you. So deeply appreciate all that you've revealed to me about my own identity over the years. Paying it forward and working against cultural erasure for the indigenous and displaced indigenous (aka communities of color) here in California. Very live struggle at the nexus of food justice, climate justice, and racial justice. Thank you for providing all the resources in the bibliography. Would be hugely grateful if you could post or share with me individually the link to your Prezi presentation. I'd love to be able to share it with folks and be able to click through the slides along with you. Thank you again so much Akala! I aspire to your fire. Big Ups. ~Andrew "Usti Oak Dhaou" (still struggling to find my own decolonized name that captures a decompartmentalized identity, so I just use my given Tzalagi name since the indigenous and black identity resonates the most within me). Oh and by the way, feel free to rip the silver spoon out of Columbia Professor John McWhorter's victim-blaming mouth and publicly tear his straw-man, red-herring, superficial analysis to shreds... if you happen to get the chance, that would be so lovely.
Bless you, bro.
Thank you for your recent talk at the Oxford Union; I really enjoyed watching the video. I was especially interested in the idea of African travel to the Americas in the pre-Columbian period; this is something I haven't heard of before and is intriguing: it's not simply possible, it's probable. I'm curious if there is significant ongoing research in this area? I can find very little research, and sources like Van Sertima et al appear to be subject of some controversy. One wonders whether lack of ongoing research might represent a racial bias in the social sciences?
Hi Akala, you're talented and a very brilliant and eloquent speaker. I enjoyed listening to you in today's big questions about 'Is more truth in Shakespeare than the Bible?' People clapped and nodded their heads in agreement every time you spoke. I just love 😊 . I am an aspiring writer, having find much writing just starting now! Hopefully I'll one day reach your standards. Thank you. Annah - Oxfordshire
What do you think about Jewish Communist involvement in modern academia, such as Melville Herskovitz's "The Myth of the Negro Past"? Have you read "Culture of Critique"?
Eloquent. ♥️ Thank you.
Currently sat my wife watching this on YouTube. Your knowledge and amazing presentation utterly astounds me. I hope there are people like you around to teach my kids as you are teaching us. Amazing. Thank you Akala, you're awesome.
I have a bit of confusion I hope someone can clarify. While watching this talk I googled Egyptian statues all most of them had noses
Thank you Akala......All the way from South Africa.....he hear you brother. keep up the good work. Love and peace....may the ancestors be with you.
Amazing i could watch it again and again .... thank you so much Akala Ps. I'll definitely check out your Hip Hip projects
Great information, we need to know our history, a lot of these things weren't taught in school or they would tell you lies or tell you nothing at all.
An excellent presentation! The only thing is that the picture that was used for Toussaint L'Ouverture is actually a digitally altered image of a Lafayette painting.
Thank you Akala. Your address holds more value than words can describe. One of the steps to empowerment is to know our true nobel history! The decolonization of history must be supported.
Learned so much!
Is there a way to view the slide show that you used?
Dear Akala, I have always been awed by your eloquent and vast historical knowledge, and this address has only served to reaffirm my conception. While you do talk about historical institutionalised racism, I would love to hear more on modern institutional racism and its manifestation from you, or your recommendations on any resources that may help broaden my understanding of this issue in a contemporary context. Thank you, big up the flowfather!
Wow your truly a wonder, a real prodigy. Well assuming that your one of the youngest Professors. May I ask what other platforms do you openly engage in more frequently if any?
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