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Profound. Heavy. Unsettling. The thing is, honoring the treaties and giving back the land will not even nearly make up for or provide a solution to the social, economic and physical ills of the people. It would act as a salve for the guilt of the "victors" but it would not make up for all that is lost and cannot be bought back.

For any oppressed people leaders need to come from within because they know best what their own needs are. Hundreds of years of injustice and oppression cannot be fixed with land or money: (though these things can help as do any resources/equipment helps in an uphill climb).

Herein lies the concept of sankofa: learn from your history to build a brighter future. This goes for both the oppressed and the oppressors. There will never be a quick-fix solution, but a shift of mindset is a good place to start.

Thanks for this post. Very informative.


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