Hip Hop History Selected Bibliography & Discography

Thanks for all the support yesterday, you all made it a great event. See below for all those interested. 

Chapter 1: Africa In History
Africa In History by Basil Davidson 
The Destruction Of Black Civilisation by Chancellor Williams 
Egypt Revisited By Ivan Van Sertima 
Before The Slave Trade by Robin Walker
Chapter 2: Maangamizi
The African Slave Trade by Basil Davidson
 The Black Jacobins by C.L.R James
 Slaves That Abolished Slavery by Hart
 After Abolition by Sherwood
Chapter 3: African Cultures In The New World
The Flash Of The Spirit by Thompson
 The Africanist Aesthetic In Global Hip-Hop by Osumare 
Brazil Mixture Of Massacre by Nascimiento
 Blues People by Amiri Baraka
Chapter 4: The Golden Age Of Hip-Hop
Black Noise by Tricia Rose 
Can’t Stop Won’t Stop by Jeff Chang
Chapter 5: Art & The Politics of Power
It’s Bigger Than Hip-Hop by 
M.K Asante The Hip Hop Wars by Tricia Rose 
We Real Cool by Bell Hooks 
Rhythm and Business edited by Norman Kelly

Early Rappers The Ancestors Of Rap (compilation)/Rakim The 18th Letter/The Fugees The Score /Wu Tang Clan 36 Chambers & Wu Tang Forever/Nas Illmatic/Public Enemy Fear Of A Black Planet/Klashnekkof The Sagas Of Klashnekkof/Ice Cube Death Certificate/Dead Prez Lets Get Free/GZA Liquid Swords/KRS ONE Edutainment/Sticky Fingaz The Autobiography Of Kirk Jones/Jay-Z Reasonable Doubt/Skinnyman Council Estate Of Mind/Akala The Thieves Banquet/Lauryn Hill The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill/Slick Rick The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick Tupac Makavelli/Biggie Ready To Die/Outkast Aquemini/Saul Williams Saul Williams/UNKLE Psyence Fiction/NWA Straight Out Of Compton The Last Poets/The Very Best Of The Last Poets/Gil Scott Heron The Revolution Will Not Be Televised/The Disposable Heroes Of Hip Hoprisy Hypocrisy Is The Greatest Luxury
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I went to this and all I can say is what a load of BS, how can you talk about the Golden age of hip hop and not even acknowledge De La Soul
I went to this and it was great! I've been recommending it to everyone. Where can I find the footage taken of it online? Thanks.
Africa is part of Planet Earth innit? So why all the Africa specific stuff? Africa is neither inferior or superior to anywhere else, but it is unique, same as everywhere else.
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