nothing is to be feared only to be understood, intoxicated often does what
the sober would, if he thought he could, if he had the power, he¹d abuse it
and that seems clear to me. What is dear to me, is also fear to me, because
pain is the price of what I hold near to me, to which I¹m attached and I
can¹t light the match, if I did I¹d see everything I think I lack, is right
here already, I¹m a part of it, not the end and nor am I the start of it,
but apart nonetheless, scared of what is under flesh and everything i cant
posses so instead i disconnect.
And to numb the stress, take a blunder guess, rather than know, I don¹t
know and just accept, I view it as a test and I must pass, it¹s only real if
its something that I must grasp, nothing else counts a bit if I cant count
it quick, so lets count figures, let us count figures. Figures in the bank,
figures mowed down by tanks, the steel boot of the figure stamps on the
ants, but they want more than figures, we ain¹t figured that we need Œthem¹
and we¹re projecting the reflection of how were really feeling, when we kick
Œthem¹ kill Œthem¹, leave Œthem¹ there dying bleeding and say they did it
first, we are just getting even.
And repeated until it¹s something that we can believe in, the truth is
that inside we are screaming and we hate ourselves that¹s why we act this
way, when we strike out we should punch ourselves in the face, that is what
we¹re really doing, got no clue what we¹re pursing, the mirror or the
million, what are we really viewing? We can take a microscope and analyze
atoms or telescopes to the sky, the same thing happens, it¹s the same
picture, they both go on forever, so when we place limits on things, is that
clever? In fact I define myself by my limitations, my station or my status
or my silly faith in papers. The type that I read or the type that say i¹ve
read, the type for which they bleed or the type that say you bled and now
the ego¹s fed but never had its fill,
so until we shed, let¹s accept the deal, we will steal and will kill just
for the thrill, that¹s my dose of truth, give me the blue pill
and let me swallow, wallow now in my sorrow, don¹t want to find my own
truth it¹s easier to borrow.
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Awesome as ever man, a pleasure to read.
Brilliant! I teach English and, as a break from curriculum, I'll be treating my Year 10s to your poems next week. Lets boraden our childrens' outlook, let them hear a range of voices beyond the prescriptive!:)
Beautifully put as usual, pls keep em coming xx
Fear limits the scope of human impetuousness and certainly every form of human law every birthed was contrived in the womb of this idea. Our active desires cannot withstand fear of the consequences if put into action. As a result, most parts of who we are cannot be found in our external behaviors. Our true selves are under lock and key in a secret spot in our minds that we ourselves are not always able to find. It is the duty of the each society's cage to keep us from ourselves and form us into it's vision. To object is a style of suicide. Our slightest whim is accounted for under this measure. How much we fear something directly corresponds to how much our society has taught us to fear it. We, as humans, worry most over our money, time, safety, reputation, health, peace of mind, and deaths. We tremble when they are attacked and it has become a fact of life to surrender to the authority wielding control over these variables of our existence. We, for example, do not drive as fast as we would like because we would get an unreasonably priced ticket. This is an attack on our time, money, and peace of mind. The average parkiing ticket is worth about 3 hours spent working the minimum wage in California. The theft of this money we have labored for further affects our peace of mind because our financial obligations cannot be met. Depending on our economic situation, this could be enough to be short on a rental payment.

The heavier our dependency on money, the more we fear it's loss and the more this fear is used against us. It is a complex system of checks that the common man cannot balance and certainly own no checks to. All he can do is adhere to the authority or persist in his behaviors and feel the full force of the consequences of his actions.

I have heard religion oftentimes referred to as medieval or archaic, but what kind of religion have we designed for ourselves? There are those who criticize religion, believe that we follow it's rules out of fear of punishment in the after life. I will not agree or disagree with this opinion, but ask, how does society operate any differently? At least with religion, we operate on faith. In the cage, there is only the psychology of fear, and that to remind that we are not in charge and of who is.

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