Hey people I have recorded a bunch of random thoughts over music I really
love. They are NOT from any album or anything of the such they are just
random thoughts I wanted to share. Here is the first one it is called
"Fear". The music is from a song called Padmasana by Buckethead, from the
album "Electric Tears" great album.

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Waitin fi y'a third opus ... sure it will mash up di place! Fyah gwaan blaze
Big up everytime bwoy !!! London powa
Phenomenal! Prudent words G.


Unbelievable ur too gr8 of a lyrical genuis... Power to u fam.. big up
This is deep man! Good track, cant wait for the album
Thanks for notes on the music too opened up something completely new to me
Oh... wow... My random thoughts are nothing like this. They're more along the lines of "maybe if I close my eyes and concentrate real hard I can fool myself into thinking this mac'n'cheese is actually macaroni pie from Trinidad" (it doesn't work btw)

My point is... keep thinking those random thoughts. You're quite good it that thinking thing.


Think anybody who knows about Akala should give this article a read



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