Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee

Bury my heart at wounded knee
I have no use for it anymore
It still beats, but the rhythm is off
Off, off, strange
The music of fate to which my hips gyrate
I dance with destiny
My soul left with the last treaty
Promises, promises, happy servants, offices
Ushered, moved, herded, the cattle of the blue coats
Milked of our wills, now meat for the kill
Bury my heart at
wounded knee
I left it there anyway
cover it with earth
or dirt as you may say
gut the earth for all she¹s worth
use her guts for garters
but when they are worn,
a woman scorned
will spawn a race of martyrs
death dressed as progress
the suit is a misfit
but no one will tell the emperor
(he shoots you with cannon balls)
death dressed as
murder hides in the bushes
reach down my throat
pull the rations from my stomach
with the same hand that pulls triggers if I don¹t comply
Bury my heart at wounded knee
it¹s a weight in my chest
for an open heart is a closed coffin
in the world of the fork tongue.

2 responses
Very clever messages, murder hides in the bushes = brilliant
and death dressed as help is unfortunately too true.
You're thoughts epitomise my own. I can't believe this is written by a human! I have never heard anything like this in the modern world. I want to obviously spout my own words and thoughts as I constantly write copious amounts. I love reading and although I'm "young" I do not partake in the stereotypical endeavours of my peers. Although I am "lower class" both self-proclaimed and what is celebratorily afflictedly bestowed upon us. I have always fought against the way things are. When we assign to a good cause or charity, to assist the ideology of them (us)/giving the help. To embellish selfishness further with an emblem of warmheartedness towards another sentient being! To maintain the splendour of "reality" and "that's the way it is" if those are our attempts then what more can we do. All the while the ideological manipulation preventing any such profound attempts. Everything would have to change, the way we value what we know and who we know what we know from, what we learn and teach, how we think, obliterate the social constructions of everything. The only way we could potentially do this in a capitalist society is use their way of ranking and become an academic? Yet everything filters off and its never as potent or pungent in what needs to be done. I have no celebrities I look up to, I love to learn and if anyone look up to thinkers, writers and speakers. Everything you say resonates so intensely with everything I think. It's like reading Marx or Socrates or any number of great minds who speak of such powerful things, but today! It all arises from the warped, twisted histories and mentalities still vigilantly rife and due to all the distractions and tools. Throughout, mainstream education I've always been provocative with thoughts and ideas. I've been the observer, the overlooked, the margin yet ive celebrated these things and never shied away from speaking all my different beliefs and constant need to challenge everything. Speak differently and utilise language and debate. The classic discourses and smokescreens have only provoked this insatiable need for more humanity, actual conversations, debates, compassion. The lectures and journals dont even begin to challenge, as they should, and no way near like you do. I am fascinated by your words. I can't describe how everything you say I believe and uphold with so much conviction. I've always been demonised for having varied opinions to the majority, and behaving differently, writing out of the norm, disagreeing with the many and speaking about such stuff as you do when people do not want to engage in such matters. And I dedicate my life to it. I don't have any idols, forgive me for just merely being so touched and compelled by everything I have heard you say, and inspiring me further.