Black (African) History Month Reading List

This is by no means an exhaustive list, just a beginning.

Among all the signing and dancing that organizations that claim to represent
'black' culture are bound to put on this month it's easy to forget why Black
History Month was started in the first place. It can also be easy to get
caught up in that word 'black' and forget that this a part of the history of
humanity as a whole.

Hope you enjoy

The African Origin Or Civilization Myth Or Reality?
Civilization Or Barbarism
Pre Colonial Black Africa

They Came Before Columbus
The Golden Age Of The Moors
Blacks in Science (ancient and modern)
Egypt Child Of Africa
Egypt Revisited
African Presence In Early Europe
African Presence In Early Asia
Black Women In Antiquity

UESCO General histories of Africa Vol2-G. Mokhtar

Black Athena-Martin Bernal
Africa In History-Basil Davidson
The Ruins of Empires-C.F Volney

Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome- Dr Joy Leary
Remembering The Dismembered Continent-Ayi Kwei Armah
The Destruction Of Black Civilization-Chancellor Williams
Before The Slave Trade-Robin Walker (Picture Book)
When We Ruled-Robin Walker
Brazil Mixture or Massacre?-Abdias Do Nascimento

From Columbus To Castro-Eric Williams
The Black Jacobins-C.L.R James

Ancient And Modern Britons-David Mac Ritchie
Staying Power-Peter Fryer
There Ain't no black in The Union Jack-Paul Gilroy
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God bless you dude, you're doing a good thing.

1984 was my GCSE book, and without a doubt the best book I have read in my life. All hope lies in the proles.

Your F64 was amazing.

It's true, we are the wealth. We need to stop throwing our money at macbooks/ipads/Ralph Lauren and start investing in ourselves. I think it starts with self esteem. Nothing that you own is worth more than YOU. i.e. for the girls, fake hair/weave/extensions etc is not a substitute for your real hair. You are already perfect. Spending money on designer clothes does not increase your worth. A car, television etc are not measurements of success.

Know thyself.
Never believe anything you are told.
You know that a lie told a thousand times is not the truth; and that same lie told for a thousand years is still a lie.
We are not inferior; when will we as a collective realise this?

Love, a 20 year old female university student, born and bred in Peckham. I hope to change the world, starting with myself.

p.s. you and Lowkey are my favourtie artists. 'You might take my life, you might take my life, but you can't take my soul'.

This book list is amazing! I will be receiving my money this week and sure will be ordering as much of these as possible out of this pay, I can't wait to start learning about African history, I think I was black in a previous life because %80 of the music i listen to is black music and its been like that since I was young, the good old black music. And when I was young I always craved dreadlocks I used to wish to be black and I have always had a strange but beautiful feeling that I need to go to the Caribbean?
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