Another Piece of artwork and writing from The Ruins Of Empires - Get your copy here

Chapter 1 – The Search


KNOWLEDGE SEEKER:                                                                                           

These ancient ruins, do you have the authority?                                                                       

To teach plainly freedom and equality                                                                              

You show us ancient states, let us peer at their mistakes                                         

Through the windows of these crumbling bricks, that once were palace gates                                                             

Where once were grand galleries, now just silent death                                                       

kings and slaves alike both are buried flesh.                                                                 

Gold and spices were traded here, for the finest silks known to man                                                                      

And learned men traded ideas through books written hand                                           

Here, grand galleries and sculptures used to stand                                                        

All easily washed away, like footprints in the sand.                                                  

This is ugly to my eyes, but stimulating to my meditation                                                  

I wonder, is this the fate of our Nation?                                                        

I wonder what is wrong with us? Why do we blame creation?                                                                               

How could a god that only creates be the source of devastation?                                                                      

The stars have not changed their course, nor the earth its motion                                                                                  

And pride always predates a fall and the worst commotion                                                                             

The universe was governed by laws, before the pens of men                                                                                       

These crumbling ruins stand as testimony defending them                                                

Does fate author destruction? Or that our law is corruption?                                           

That causes the cities of men, to be turned to nothing                                                    

As I sit in these crumbling bricks, pondering crumbling wits                                                                                       

Filled with a sudden mix of questions, needing another fix                                         

Here appears the genius that I’ve seen in my mind                                                      

Like a guiding spirit or intuition personified                                                                   

Oh dear genius, please tell me the source                                                                   

What is the wellspring from which fortune and misfortune are born?                                                                            

Why is it that war famine and death visit people in turns?                                                    

But still we never learn. It seems we’ll forever burn.                                                 

Then the genius spoke to me and said



Dear disciple of truth. Wisdom is the fruit                                                                      

You can only know what's true if you examine the root                                                

Peace and happiness visit the home built from the bricks of justice                                                                              

And the throne that is built from the same, is never ever rusted                                                                                      

So rise above your senses young one it’s a must


KNOWLEDGE SEEKER:                                                                                             

Then the genius reached out and the top of my head, touched                                                                                    

In an instant my perception changed, no longer imprisoned                                        

Within my flesh, I had some kind of out of body experience                                                  

A bright red flame severed the ties holding me to the ground                

I floated up above the earth and I was looking down 

But to me earth appeared to me a barren object, grey and smooth 

If I did not know better, I would have thought it was the moon                                       

The genius touched my head once more and transformed my vision                                                                                      

I could see as clear as a hawk now, with the same precision                                                                                      

 I could see the great mass that we call the ocean                                                            

So strange that we call I the earth, when it is water mostly.