7/2/11 Poem

Words of wisdom work for purpose
Eternal utterings brought to surface

Histories curve bends to freedom
Each thought or thing affects the curve

Confused we are and I the most
For attempting to answer a question posed

The worldy wise speak in silence
Needing to be right or liked is a need of tyrants

Craving praise the weakened will
Is made a slave to peoples thrill

We trade our channel for screen and screams
And having made it there are still not pleased

Nothing's too much
Everything is not enough

I live this lie Don't call my bluff

My title, My Wage, My privilege, My Cage
The scructures that house my fear of days

Stripped, I am, not woman, or man
A speck of an energy I don't understand

The invisible hand (Not death as a market)
But life as a cycle, the flame that sparks it

With or without my buildings and bombs
And blabbering bullshit I put in a song

The show will go on
The show will go on
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Enjoyed this, as I have all of your work that I've heard so far. Thanks for sharing. Stay blessed, Ms. C
Yep as Ms C said feeling this a lot. You need to come out and speak some words man!
Heavy..... ''Stripped, I am, not woman, or man
A speck of an energy I don't understand'' ... Lovin your way with words....
I'm really feelin this. I love your work Akala, you are an amazing artist.
picture painted heart reads the canvas..nice one Akala
Very nicely done
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