The Attack Of Happiness

The Eagle pecks at my neck and I live again
The sensation descends
Cool electricity through the nerves
And muscles twitch with glory
Smiles don't ask or care for thought
They stick their stake in the ground
Nothing matters now
I am in the place
But not of it
For this moment I step outside
And laugh
I laugh
I laugh at insecurity
Just being, seeing and breathing
Hits as a cool breeze
In Sahara sun
Or sunrise over the artic
Seeing what is
Is Too Much
Sensory overload
I grope the dictionary
To try and explain
But it is blank
I attempt to imitate Picasso to show you
But he had the same problem
These moments, brief, fleeting as they may be
Leave marks indelible
More so than pain, suffering or pleasure
When the eagle pecks at my neck
The pain is a steward
Guiding our way back to this moment
Via war, death, ignorance, hate
And all other lies

We will one way or another get back here to the only truth
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akala man, can u tell us the month that your releasing your new album yet? im so hyped up and all i know is that i'l be released in the first quater of 2010 :( cheeerrrrs
Beautiful words that took be to those great places/feelings that are always here; just sometimes crowded-out by the fleeting fears that shout louder.

Tina Louise

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